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    Can listening to a podcast improve your ukulele playing? Absolutely! This podcast is about supplementing your current methods of learning and practicing with insight and exercises that you won't often find in lessons or workshops. It is about cooperating with your brain so that it will build the proper connections needed to accelerate your ukulele pursuits and shorten your learning curve. We begin with an exercise for newbies to help your brain form new connections, then we pick the brains of top uke artists. There's always something to learn!

  • What's in a name?

    "The Ukulele Brain" was inspired by several areas of research that were first brought to my attention when Daniel Ho gave me "The Little Book of Talent." It involved how your brain learns new tasks and builds the proper connections needed to master new talents. Do you remember “Wax on, wax off,” from The Karate Kid? Mr. Miyagi had young Daniel wax his car, paint his fence, and do chores in certain ways that seemed unrelated to karate. But when Daniel needed those motions for fighting, he found that they came naturally, because they were hard-wired in Daniel's brain. Even though it was just a movie, the science behind that approach is very real, and adapting it to the ukulele was what inspired me to launch this podcast.


    Over the weeks and months to come, we'll explore how to cooperate with your brain so that it will build the proper connections, or "neural pathways," needed for accelerating progress in your ukulele playing journey. I'll pick the brains of top uke artists and experts in related fields for your benefit, delving into topics and extracting insight for you to add to your ukulele journey. We'll also offer tips, tricks, and mini-lessons for newer players and seasoned uke enthusiasts alike. If you'd like to learn more, please scroll down to All About The Ukulele Brain Podcast.

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    Also available on Spotify, PocketCasts, & RadioPublic. Coming soon to Google and Apple Podcasts.

    link to the ukulele brain podcast
    link to the ukulele brain podcast
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    The Great American Songbook is based in jazz but contains accessible songs we all know and love. Gerald and I will discuss how to get started in this glorious, melodic style of American music. Plus another brain-training exercise. Coming soon!

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    Adding multiple senses and mastering a single new hand position will take your playing to new heights. Plus another brain-training exercise. Coming soon!

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