Pirate Ukulele  A Custom-Built Tribute to Walt Disney

Pirate Ukulele A Custom-Built Tribute to Walt Disney

Custom built in USA in tribute to the iconic Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland.
• ALL solid South American Mahogany
• Extended 18" scale
• Radiused Fretboard & Zero Fret
email playukemail@gmail.com for more details and samples. Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. PLEASE read the full description below and see song video at bottom of page for sound sample.
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Coming soon
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Custom Pirate Ukulele – A Tribute to the Original Pirates of the Caribbean Ride
As a lifelong Disneyland fan whose kids both worked the Park, (including one who operated Pirates of the Caribbean), I’ve always been enamored by the lute player’s instrument in the singing trio scene. From the look of the frets and knowing how the Imagineers worked in 1966, it is most assuredly a real instrument and I wanted one badly. But decades after I first saw it, I still couldn’t track one down. So I decided to build a ukulele in tribute.
MADE IN THE USA! I wanted the ukulele built in the USA, and I finally found a builder to bring my design to fruition. The final product, a long neck, solid mahogany tenor, surpassed my expectations. It plays superbly, sounds terrific, and feels new but looks like it’s a hundred years old or more–just like the one in the last ride Walt Disney personally oversaw the building of: Pirates of the Caribbean at the original Disneyland in Anaheim. FREE SHIPPING - U.S. ORDERS ONLY