GU-100 Vintage Design Soprano w/hard case
When Gold Tone donated one of these for our last Super Raffle I was surprised...and smitten. I don't normally play sopranos but there is much about this to love. PLEASE read the full description below and see Marcy Marxer's demo video at bottom of page.
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I have large palms which makes it hard for me to play soprano and this is on the small side of that class. (It's not a's a full soprano, but with a slim body like they made 100 years ago.) But I chuckle when I pick this little beauty up, and maybe its charm overcomes my typical clumsiness with the soprano size as it is very enjoyable to play. The vintage design and creme binding takes me back in time. Indeed, it looks a century old at first glance. But when it's in its very nice hard case, my brain for some reason jumps to the 30's. (I have no idea why, but I'm a bit strange.)
A solid mahogany top enhances its sound and means that it will only get better with age. As with most small body ukes, the true quality of the sound is heard out in front, so please have a listen to Marcy Marxer playing one at the bottom of this page. Gold Tone has discontinued this model and I purchased the LAST THREE from their warehouse. Get 'em while they' U.S. ORDERS ONLY
FEATURES: Solid Mahogany Top • Mahogany Back, Sides, Neck, Fretboard • Matte Finish • Creme Celluloid Binding • Grover Tuners • 1-3/8"Bone Nut • 13 1/4" Scale Length