• Coming Soon: An All-New PlayUke.net and a Unique New Twist on the Ukulele!

  • What about the festivals?

    After producing a dozen Reno Ukulele Festivals and 25 festivals and retreats overall, I am scaling back. I'll be keeping my hand in producing smaller events with an eye on offering unique experiences, but I am retiring from the Reno Ukulele Festival and other larger scale endeavors. Dani Joy & Perry Stauffer are taking over the lead in Reno and I will step into a supporting role, helping with the transition. I'm also working on something completely new for both the ukulele adventurer and for people like me, who have some physical challenges playing in the traditional way. Stay tuned!


    For info on the 2022 Reno Ukulele Festival, email support@danijoymusic.com and visit https://renoukulelefestival.com/.


    Our sincere thanks to all of you for your support over the years. We know that Dani Joy & Perry will put as much into future festivals as we have. Now, just maybe, we can be on the other side a bit, having fun with all of you!