• Our Performers & Instructors

    Dead Man's Uke

    Grand Finale Celebrity Showroom, Saturday, June 6
    Glen Campbell Ukulele Workshops during the week

    Pub Phenoms from the North of England, Dead Man's Uke is a father & son duo from Manchester that is a rip-roaring experience to behold. And what's in the name? Daddy-o Tim plays the ukulele Tiny Tim was playing during his final performance–the one in which he met his maker during intermission!

    Jerome Koko

    Back to the Islands Show Friday Night
    Traditional 'Ukulele Accompaniment Workshops
    throughout the week

    The Mākaha Sons of Ni'ihau were the kings of traditional Hawaiian music throughout the islands with Hawaiian language music and contemporary hits like "White Sandy Beach." "Uncle Jerome" was the co-founder of the group, and the individual who discovered a young "IZ" playing uke on the beach, inviting him to join the group. The rest is 'ukulele history.

    Daniel Ho

    British Invasion Show Thursday Night
    Back to the Islands Show Friday Night
    Pōlani (solo 'ukulele) Workshops during the week

    Six Grammy® Awards makes Daniel the most accomplished musician in the 'ukulele world. He'll bring his joyful personality and unsurpassed musical mastery to all facets of our faculty, with 'ukulele workshops and 'ukulele, piano and slack guitar performances.

    Aaron Keim

    Featured Festival Stage Performer, time TBA

    Banjolele & Maybelle Carter Workshops during the week

    Multi-instrumentalist, master ukulele and banjolele builder, and string band performer extraordinaire Aaron Keim returns with his unique blend of traditional Americana.

    SPECIAL GUEST: Laurence Juber

    British Invasion Show Thursday Night
    Early Bird Bonus presentation & REAL Beatles Jam Wednesday

    LJ's life changed when Paul McCartney asked him to join Wings in 1978. He later went on to play for George and Ringo at Abbey Road Studios. His soaring solos accompanied "The Cute Beatle" himself, on stage, in songs we all know by heart. Laurence is now one of the top acoustic guitarists on the planet and will headline our British Invasion night, as well as leading Early Birds in our Bonus REAL Beatles Jam on Wednesday after presenting a history of music in the UK! Play Beatles hits WITH a guy who has played with Sir Paul, George, and Ringo!

    Special Guest: Drew Harrison

    British Invasion Show Thursday Night
    "Strum Like Johnny" Workshop Thursday morning

    Want to learn to strum your uke in-time with classic Beatles records? John Lennon had a distinct rhythm style that made the Fab Four's rhythms sound different. Drew's band The Sun Kings performed for us a few years back, (including a phenomenal Rubber Soul set, all on ukuleles). This year, Drew will teach a "Strum Like Johnny" workshop on Thursday, then bring the most natural Lennon voice in the industry to our British Invasion Night with a portion of his wildly popular one man show, "In The Spirit of Lennon" and will provide the Johnny parts in our incredible Brit-Band Finale.

    Dani Joy

    Featured Festival Stage Performer TBA
    Beginner's Workshops during the week.

    Dani is the culmination of three generations of musicianship in one family. She'll lend her exquisite voice to our Thursday and Friday evening shows and set the newbies on a course for success during the week.

    Abe Lagrimas, Jr.

    British Invasion Show Thursday Night
    Back to the Islands Show Friday Night

    Ukulele Workshops Thursday & Friday TBA

    Abe is an extraordinary musician. On 'ukulele, he's as good as they come. On drums, he's a world class great. And he also excels on the vibes! Abe is one of our favorites and will be a major force throughout the first few days of the festival.

    Steve Quan

    Finger Picking, Hawaiian Style Workshop

    Tired of doing the same strum at group ukulele sessions? Steve Quan will break you out of the doldrums of “same old, same old” with finger picking that you may not have considered using before. Introducing a rather unique way of remembering picking patterns, Steve will teach two finger picking patterns to play three different Hawaiian songs – Tiny Bubbles, Hanalei Moon and A Hawaiian Like Me. He will also musically explain the Hawaiian vamp, and demonstrate how it can be included in your ukulele playing repertoire.

    Perry Stauffer

    Workshops: Cowboy Ukulele & uBass 101 & 102

    Prepare yourself for 'uking around the campfire as our resident newbie bass teacher Perry unpacks some songs for the trail!

    Dennis Fisher

    Bluegrass Ukulele Workshops

    Dennis Fisher has been playing banjo for over 50 years. He studied bluegrass banjo under Earl Scruggs' partner Warren Kennison, Jr. and has successfully ported the five string bluegrass banjo style to the four strings of the ukulele! His classes last year were highly popular so we've invited him back for more!

    Lord James

    Workshop: Play (u)Bass like Paul!

    Want to try out the melodic bass lines of Sir Paul McCartney? Here's your chance! Bring your uBass and be ready to rock out on some of Paul's most iconic runs. A pleasant time is guaranteed for all!

    SPECIAL GUEST: The Floyd

    Grand Finale, Celebrity Showroom, Saturday, June 6

    As a bonus option for festival participants, our Grand Finale will feature Dean Man's Uke and the lights, lasers, and mesmerizing compositions of Pink Floyd brought to life by The Floyd. This phenomenal group sells out everywhere they go. If you want to let your hair down and experience the group that took up where the Beatles left off by bringing orchestral-theatrical performances into the world of British Rock N Roll, this night is for you!