Because we assume substantial financial obligations in booking venues and performers, we must operate with the understanding that ticket sales represent actual working income. In addition, credit processing companies no longer refund us their fees for any refunds. Therefore we have adopted the following policy:


    Tickets are non-refundable, with the exception of duplicate purchases made in error on the same date. However we offer a liberal credit/transfer policy as follows:

    • You may convert the price paid for any Play Uke, LLC event into a credit, good toward any future event produced by Play Uke, LLC.
    • You may transfer or resell your purchase or your credit to future events.

    This policy allows you to recover your purchase amount at future events or through resale, while allowing us to produce events without unexpected losses through cancellations.


    *VIP Pass exception: For the 2020 Reno Ukulele Festival, VIP Passes may be cancelled and refunded less a 20% cancellation fee, through May 15, 2020. However, the cancellation fee is not applicable toward the above future credit.


    To convert purchase to credit you must:

    1. Keep your record of the purchase, (print or archive conformation email–contact us if you do not receive a confirmation within 24 hours).
    2. Advise us that you cannot make the original event *before event is complete by emailing playukemail@gmail.com. The time-stamp of your email will serve as proof of meeting this time requirement, even if we do not respond promptly.
    3. If reselling or transferring credit to another party, you must also email playukemail@gmail.com from the original email used to purchase and advise us of the new owner.
    4. *No-shows without notification prior to event completion do not qualify for this policy.


    What about duplicate ticket purchases?
    If you make a mistake during a purchase resulting in a duplicate transaction on the same day, email playukemail@gmail.com within 3 days and we will reverse your mistake. As with any online purchase, please check your emailed confirmation/receipt to make sure everything is as expected. Please note, we are not refunded our bank fees when refunding your duplicate order. Please make every effort to not duplicate a purchase. If you are unsure whether an order has gone through, you may email playukemail@gmail.com or, for a more prompt response, text message 775-220-0995.


    If you purchase duplicate tickets on different dates, (i.e. forget you purchased), the credit/transfer policy applies as that is fundamentally no different than the common practice of an individual purchasing additional tickets for other parties.

    What about catastrophic life events?
    This is a delicate area and we truly want to be compassionate, however our financial risks are still pertinent. Therefore the same transfer/credit policy applies, with your ability to resell or transfer the credit to anyone you wish with no restrictions. You are welcome to post tickets/credits for resale on our Facebook page at https://facebook.com/playukellc

    MERCHANDISE RETURNS: All sales are final. New ukuleles are warranted by their respective companies against defects.


    Thank you for your understanding.