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  • Festival registration, buying passes, making reservations

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  • A Preview of Reno XII

    Each day will have a variety of musical options, but also one fun theme

    Wednesday, June 3 • Early Birds Only

    Beatles Day - My favorite Early Bird Bonus Day ever!

    After your choice of afternoon workshops, we'll gather for a special evening with a very special guest–Laurence Juber, Paul McCartney's lead guitarist from Wings and session guitarist for George and Ringo at Abbey Road Studios! "LJ" will weave fascinating tales from the music of the UK–from uke stars George Formby and Tessie O'Shea to Beatlemania. Then, he will provide the rhythm for our REAL Beatles Jam! You'll be playing Beatles tunes with a guitarist for 3 Beatles!

  • Thursday, June 4 • British Invasion Day

    More Fab Four and their friends!

    The Vendor Marketplace opens and our first full day of workshops begins, including one special class: "Strum Like Johnny." John Lennon had a unique rhythm style that set the Beatles apart from their peers. Drew Harrison, the most natural John Lennon tribute artist I've ever seen, will let you in on his secrets! We'll also have a special headliner performance on the Day Stage, and finish the evening with a spectacular, one-time-only British Invasion Variety Show created especially for our festival.

  • Friday, June 5 • Back To The Islands Day

    Feel the White Sandy Beaches between your toes.

    The Vendor Marketplace opens and our second full day of workshops begins, including a special class from Mākaha Sons founder, "Uncle Jerome" Koko, teaching the laid back strumming styles of his native Ni'ihau. We'll have another special headliner performance on the Day Stage, and reconvene that evening in the Celebrity Showroom for "Back to the Islands," a celebration of traditional Hawaiian Music.

  • Saturday, June 6 • Americana Day

    The Country Origins of the Carter Family, Bluegrass for the Ukulele, and Jazz!

    The final day of our Vendor Marketplace and workshops will be supplemented with our Super Raffle, during which we will give away thou$ands in cool ukuleles! Aaron Keim and Dennis Fisher will teach twangy, old style Americana and Bluegrass. The Day Stage will be hopping. And finally, we return to a different region of the UK for our Grand Finale. Dead Man's Uke will bring the raucous atmosphere of Manchester's pubs to the stage. Then, the massive arrangements and elaborate stage effects of a live Pink Floyd concert will burst forth in a dazzling finale of lasers and rock grandeur with The Floyd. We'll finish off Reno Fest XII with a complete performance of the longest charting album in music history, Dark Side of the Moon! Or is it Dark Side of the Uke?

  • Look closely now...

    For you keen eyed observers, no, Paul McCartney is NOT appearing at the Reno Uke Fest! But the guy next to him is! That's Laurence Juber, Paul's lead guitarist for Wings who also recorded with George and Ringo at Abbey Road Studios. He'll be joining us for our REAL Beatles Jam, among other things, but there's much much more to this year's festival. Browse through the Reno Uke Fest Links in the main menu when you have time to browse and absorb it all!